Dreaming on the Internet

by Patchwork Guilt

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Travis Button Obviously this album hasn't been released yet but based on these 3 tracks, this will be Patchwork Guilt's most promising work to date! I love this music and how proactive she's been at recording throughout the last year. Favorite track: Boot Printing Press.


Second LP by Patchwork Guilt.


released November 22, 2015



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Patchwork Guilt England, UK

Patchwork Guilt was born in a bedroom in Bristol in 2014, through the late-night tinkerings of songwriter/producer Phoenix Mundy. She has since released two albums and three EPs, all written, recorded and produced in various bedrooms over the years. Hazy, psychedelic pop with an ethereal quality. ... more

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Track Name: Boot Printing Press
Why spend your time filling a big wide mind with worries about a pension?
You'll get right without a lifelong checklist concerning your redemption

Middle-aged with nothing left to do, you'll be diluted through and through
never nurtured what you should have, but on paper you looked pretty good
Passed on your legacy and made proud your family and now you sit back comfortably to focus on what's left of you

Your brother's boots left their prints in all the wrong directions
so we scrubbed him from our tree; for strangers there will be no resurrections
no exceptions
Track Name: Plastic Gazing Eye
Turn and face all the times you've been absent
always dreaming of what comes next
turned to stone on a conveyor belt, you base your future on regret
but the rays, they were fleeting
it was flawless for a day but now it stands, alone in the dark
present muffled by what's to come but you rattle your brains for a part

A cup of flowers, left to wilt and wither on the family quilt
to taint the fabric with its guilt and leave you pacing what you built
but the blanket's swelling like a chest
to put the plastic eye to rest and draw you
on another page, a silhouette in a golden age
Track Name: Weird Seaweed People
Silver ink loiters on a scratchcard
we scratch on through to the paper side
the numbers that await me seem so intricate and crazy
it's a carnival and I float on by
The hilltop gleams as sunlight streams
a hundred smiling colours bursting at the seams
Now there's people: never made their entrance known,
they've always been there
and they curiously probe with faded hands

Sit back, tune in
leave your mind at bay
hear the static, turn it up
see what it has to say
and it seems innate
someone you've always known
and it leaves its bait in answers only shown

Then I drift slowly through the maybes
til I'm only a barrel in the tide
I stretch my legs in the chasm of a synapse
where the questions ricochet around my mind
Is this right or is it wishful?
Am I just a petri dish full of a million chain reactions
under unforgiving law?
Only born of basic instinct
so what's the point of even feeling anything at all?
Track Name: Hand Me Downs
I sat down with a clock with no hands
everything dried up, from pools into sands
as the rays shimmer down you forget your own thirst
wrapped up inside you and ready to burst

Got us all lined up, perpetual chain
they peer through the window of the carriage of their train
sending hand me downs, already too small
for each piece of paper we scramble and maul

Oh my little darling, you'll be fine
cross my arms to my chest, no holy wine
we'll wade out to sea, you and me
there's no storm, I tell you
home is debris
Track Name: Rays
Time flies when you're on the run
nobody's daughter and nobody's son
Don't let the wind or rain roll in
to scrutinise or wipe away your sin

Got caught in the sun and your toasted your
little fingers and your toes and never noticed that you
built its home, made its bed and invited it in
Fingers worn down to the bone, you incited it
Don't trip up on yourself, don't trip up on yourself
cause the lion's woken and it's making its way

Don't sigh or wash yourself away
til you're a ruin with nothing to say
You'll only wither as you walk back through the dirt
in nowhere's shoes and yesterday's shirt
Track Name: Fall
Better hurry now, the water's only rising
reached your door somehow
can't conceive surviving
don't run, don't bury your head and fall
and fall

Winter has stung
stamped down in stony boots
wound you highly strung
Shake it off and grab your map
with an ink-stained hand
and fall, and fall

So, where'd the time go?
Turn the lights out, build a corner
Wither away
Track Name: A Broken Box by the Roadside
You've opened your doors again
and the inward gust is familiar
You're feeling restless, twitching
Between four walls an endless itching
You're a live wire, on standby

So dusk looks down again
Another day through a revolving door
and the hum sets in, you're reeling
nothing ever seemed appealing
You're a live wire, on standby
Track Name: Churn and Bloom
Puzzled impulse, churn and bloom
behind a foolish eye
needles pulling nerves into a puppet of a guise
and you haven't moved the ridges that the sky was crouched behind
but the smog wrote you a note with everything you'd need to find
a seed to grow a tree to send you sailing into shade
and a bucket full of water in which maybe you could wade

If I made a picture book I thought the center page would see us
standing on forgotten hills, before they were our stage
the air seemed brighter and the grass just looked so tall
I'd sketch us in the ripple of our dusty waterfall
Track Name: Thumbnails
Sweet lulling, soft voices
indifferent neon blue
vacant faces in safe spaces
like mother's womb

At your fingertips, anything you want
what you want's not what you need
transfixed by convenience all of the time and missing out

So sketch us out in zeroes and ones
fragments of lives as thumbnails
enhanced and arranged and put on show

Pale moments, fast and fleeting
would have lost them anyway
crystallise and erase the shadows
hearts still beat when lost in delay